• We offer an exclusive range of Plastic Drums, which are manufactured by using the highest quality of raw materials to guarantee high performance during usage. Our exclusive range of Plastic Drums is available in various colors and dimensions. We offer these products in vivid hues like transparent shades, pearl shades,single color, natural shades and granite shades. It's strong and effective lid makes them widely used for storing water or food grains. We also manufacture these Plastic Drums according to the specific specifications of customers and latest demand of market. These Drums are made from wonderful quality plastic.

    • Products : Drums 1000

      Dimensions : 500 Dia.x650 Ht.

      Capacity : 100 Ltrs

    • Products :Drums 4040

      Dimensions : 375 Dia.x450 Ht.

      Capacity : 40 Ltrs

    • Products :Drums 5000

      Dimensions : 405 Dia.x485 Ht.

      Capacity : 50 Ltrs

    • Products :Drums 6060

      Dimensions : 420 Dia.x535 Ht.

      Capacity : 60 Ltrs

    • Products :Drums 8080

      Dimensions : 460 Dia.x605 Ht.

      Capacity : 80 Ltrs

    • Products :Drums Tub-3030

      Dimensions :340 Dia.x410 Ht..

      Capacity :30 Ltrs